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Broward for sale.

Broward for sale CLick: HERE

2,434 Houses for sale

Median Price $699K 3/2

112 Houses with age restrictions 55+

Median $ 352K 2/2

1,311 Waterfront Condos

Median Price $519K 2/2

1,242 Condos 55+

Median Price $ 180K

1,032 Condos (no water front)

Median Price $275K

82 Co ops ( you own a share not a deed)

Median Price $ 339K

370 Townhouses

Median Price $565K

62 Villas for sale

Median Price $382K


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📱Call or Text: ‪754-273-0265

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More About Broward: HERE

Census Data:

Neighborhood data:

Cecilia La Rosa, Broward, Real Estate Agent | FL Real Estate License: 3100393


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