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Sellers selling for more? Pricing strategy

Have you ever seen a seller selling his house and asking this much and ending up selling for less?

Have ever seen a lower asking price and ending up selling for more?

Isn't that undeniable proof that there is no relationtionship between the asking price and the selling price?

As a Seller :When you are choosing your asking price you are not choosing how much you are going to get, because if that was true, we can all get what we ask for...

When you are choosing your asking price you are choosing how long you are going to wait untill you get your money.

As a buyer, whe you see a beautiful house in a great area at a great price. ... chances are that other buyers are feeling the same way... so be prepare for competition ( regardless of the market)

Most buyers end up having to choose between


Space or price..

If you are ready to make a move call me . I will be happy to help!

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