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Broward County, Fl Market Update for Houses with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

September 24, 2023

As per MLS

Cecilia La Rosa, Realtor.


Median Asking Price for a 3/2 House $ 650K!

Days on Market 62

Median Asking Price for a 4/2 House


( I see 366 Houses with 4 beds and 2 Baths)


Median Asking Price for a 3/2 $ 414K DAys on the market 44


3/2 Median Asking $ 479K Days on the market 59


A median asking price for a house is the middle price point

at which houses are listed for sale.

It is the price at which half of the houses are listed above and half are listed below.

The median asking price is an indicator of the overall price trends in a housing market.

Let's Talk about the most important maket, the one that is happening on your block. ***********

Broward for sale:

My MLS shows a total inventory of

2,949 Houses For sale ...

we keep getting to closer to 3000 Houses for sale... back in the day the normal inventory in Broward County was 8K 9K even 10K Houses for sale.

4,022 Condos for sale:

Broward for Rent: HERE


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