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My only two questions I ask buyers after touring my open house

1)Do you see yourself living here?

2) What would you change.

If a buyer cannot envision themselves living in a property, the age of the roof or A/C becomes irrelevant.

When a buyer sees potential in a property, it's important to explore the changes they will make in their future home and view the property from their perspective, ensuring it fits perfectly for their family.

Buying a house is largely an emotional decision, supported by reason, facts, and logic.

I've had clients describe their perfect home, provide their lists of wants and needs, and ultimately buy a completely different type of property in a different location that they found online... because it wasn't on my list of houses.

Selling your house in Broward County, FL.

Make sure you are not hurting your goal:

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Attention Self Employed Home Buyers

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Cecilia La Rosa Sells houses in Broward County, since 2004. I don't stop until you are happily moved.


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