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Broward, FL For Houses with 3 Bathrooms


-"Cecilia , I'm looking for a house to buy, and here is one of my preferrences:

I like to entertain frequently, also I often have guest stay over for a few days,

so I would like for my guests to have their own bathroom separate from mine and my children's .

What are my options for in Broward with a 3rd bathrooms?

If you own a house with 3 bathrooms, it is worth noting this:

Here are my findings :

out of the 2,920 houses available for sale on the Multiple listing service.

....615 houses have 3 baths ( there are 1141 with 3 bathroom AND MORE)

but only 615 wtih 3 and

280 are priced under 1 Million dollars,

* these numbers change daily.

If you are thinking of selling your property, call me I will be happy to help.

By the way, I dont know if this is for you or not ,

But there is a loan program to help your college students buy their first rental property, using your home equity and cosigning for them, offered by

The Heckman group.

For more information

Call Yanire Linares : 954 818 6535

Yani Linares, Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS # 888218

Tel/Text: (954) 818-6535

Apply Online at

P.S. Ask us about how to become eligible for our "OFFER ACCEPTED!" program! Offer Accepted® is free and will help you beat out multiple offers... because a great rate, special discounts, and even being well-qualified, just doesn't matter if you don't get your offer accepted.


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