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Duplexes for Sale in Broward County FL

April 1srt 2023.

This week My MLS Shows 116 Duplexes for sale in the entire County.

The most expensive one is

listed for $2,100.000

the least Expensive one is

offered at $305,000.00

The Median listing price today is

$373 per Square foot.

and Its taking

78 Days on the market.

these numbers change daily.

To current inventory click the button below.

Curiously enought, Listed under DUPLEX criteria I saw a 6 units building...

MLS can be tricky and if not properly filled out, a property can become invisible,accidentall,y to the best buyer...

When ever you have a question, call me, let's talk about the most important market,

the one happening on your block.


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