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Happy Easter ! God Bless you.


This very special weekend I wish you good health above all, I wish you hope , peace, and unity with your family . Real estate has that extra blessing in my life that allows me to connect with wonderful people in one of their most important and intense times of their lives.

So I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge you and wish you from the bottom of my heart a very happy Easter.

I hope you feel loved and close to your love ones, but…..if for some reason that is not the case, please take this video as a sign of the love of God for you ,

Yes God loves you , that is the good news!

God is not a god of confusion, nor he is a God for Christmas or Easter or any special day of the week. He is a Daily God , he is our daily bread. Good news.

And curiously enough, one of his favorite tools is imperfect people, to represent a perfect God. He uses the least expected one, I don’t why he does , but it seems that that is one of his preferred outreach methods to promote His Kingdown. And that is goods news

God can show his love to you with a bird , with a song, with a video, with a flower or with a little kid.

God uses people to show his love among people. Also, God sees our hearts, He sees our faith, he sees how hard we work.

God will not give us the strength of tomorrow today, or the grace or the favor or the answers or the wisdom for next week, TODAY, because we do not know what will happen tomorrow, ?

What we do KNOW IS that His presence is with us today, will be with us always

Psalms 23 4. Even if I walk through a very dark valley , I will not be afraid Because you are with me , your rod and your shepherd ‘s staff comfort me.

3 Jesus Christ is with you today, tomorrow next month until the end of the world.

Mathew 20 :28 I will be with you always even until the end of this age .

we are not alone making decisions or looking for solutions, we are not alone in any situation you are not alone in your work you are not alone, Jesus is with us all the way. And that is good news,

And I hope you can take this video as a very special way that GOD has chosen to tell you that Gods is for you and if God is for you.. I hope you can finish that powerful line, is in Romans 8 28 , look in your bible or in google ..

#Form my heart to yours. Happy Easter.

# Cecilia La Rosa REaltor Hapy Easter


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