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Home Sales in Broward County, FL

Broward County Home Sales 

    * 2009 totaled:     12,640.

    * 2023 totaled:     12,337 

What do you anticipate happening this 2024? 

Let's put things into perspective.

According to Broward County Property Appraisal, there are a total of 305,296 parcels of houses in this county.  HERE

The number of sales over the last 14 years has ranged between 4% and 6% of the total parcels of houses in the county.  

Unlike other states, the demand for South Florida is more diverse:

*International demand

*National and Local Demand.

*Institutional Demand: Inverstors and Corporations


The market drives are the same as always

Inventory   -     Interest rate        -    Inflation.


The  Life Events that  *Move People are still the same 

Diamonds, Diapers, Divorce, Death, Diploma, 


MLS Inventory of Houses today: 

   3851 ( not including new construction  )

3,2 Months of Supply.

We are still seeing multiple offers in the houses that are priced right.


I believe that prices will adjust slightly, not not much, because there is a LAW that governs the market: 

The Law of Supply and Demand.

That LAW determines the property value.

It is not Cecilia's value, or Seller's value

It is the Market's  Value.

In other words, if you set your price  too high, you might be invisible( accidentaly) and go unnoticed to buyers who are ready, willing, and able. 

If you price it right, your home should sell within the first 2 -3 months on the market.

Ex: Check these 400 houses, listed and sold in 60 days or less-

Listed right before Thanksgiving and closed in January 2024

If you have to sell, you will , even during the holidays.


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