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Hurricane Preparedness


By Cecilia La Rosa

In Florida we have 6 months of hurricane season,

Summer means vacation, staycation and always means high probabilities of hurricanes.

A simple trick ( I wish I knew back in 2017 with Hurricane Irma, when we had no power for 7 days and I remember driving around looking for ICE)…. is to freeze water in a 2 liter bottle to act as ICE. This will help keep your food cool in case you lose power and don't have a generator

One additional way to be prepared, besides the water, gas, batteries and canned food, could be a waterproof security box.

Here you can file your original documents: like

Birth or adoption certificates, married , divorce or death certificates,

or other legal documents like wills, trust, living wills, social security cards, passports, medical records. A list of important numbers and emergency contacts , household inventory for insurance purposes.

Car , boat title or other property.

Mortgage documents, Military records,

The list of family advisors, accountant , attorney, banker , doctors, dentist, financial advisor , insurance agents. This box weighs 40 pounds

Be safe and God Bless you.

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