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I Doorknocked in Plantation this week


After Doorknocking 50 houses in Plantation Sec Gardens

here is what I found:

2 Potential SEllers

1 Potential Buyers ....and this Intel

Homeowners I talked to in Plantation , who bought their properties in 1982 , even 1979 told me:

"Cecilia, I am 76, I have the house exactly the way I want it.
My house is free and clear.
I like my neighborhood... why should I sell, move and start over.. for me, at this point of my life, it doesn't make sense.

Other coment:

" Insurance is high, taxes are high. I'm planing to relocate up north to a newer house. Places like Ocala and Top of the World* 55 + communities, Dallas TX , North Carolina and other out of State options are the most commun.

Others: I build and efficiency and my tenant is paying me 1500 every month, we are good now.

By Doorknocking I don't only get contacts for future business, but I get micro local information, I can not get anywhere else. This way I am better prepare to help my next customer with hyperlocal data.


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