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Multifamily Properties in Broward County FL, under $700,000

I've come to realize that returning to what once "was" is impossible. There's no "going back to normal." No one can predict the market,and if anyone does, they usually have to correct their prediction... everything is relative – especially in the realm of Real Estate.

The primary question both sellers and buyers ask is, "How is the market in Broward County, FL ?"

In real estate, we primarily categorize it into:

  • Buyer's Market: More than 7 months of supply.

  • Seller's Market: Less than 6 months of supply.

  • Neutral Market or Shifting Markets: 6 - 7 months of supply.

For a more in-depth exploration of Real Estate Cycles, I recommend reading this comprehensive article HERE

Don't stop only with multifamilies, see Deerfield Beach homes here:

Since the end of 2018, we have found ourselves in a seller's market.

Buyers and investors are consistently on the lookout for a "good deal," a property that requires some TLC, or a seller who is eager to sell immediately. "If you come across something like that, Cecilia, please give me a call," they often say.

If a seller is in the position of needing to sell and their property requires significant work, the best course of action is to list the property on the MLS to garner the highest and best offer. The demand currently surpasses the supply, at least for now, and there's no indication of a swift change.

There was a time, not too long ago, when a buyer or investor could find a duplex for less than $250K, and there were options available. If a seller listed a duplex for $325K or $350K, it was deemed "expensive."

Fast forward to today, and the most affordable duplex I've come across in Broward County is listed at $360K. You can view all available options HERE


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Cecilia La Rosa, Broward, Real Estate Agent | FL Real Estate License: 3100393


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