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Seller 's tip

Wednesday 16th 2023

Seller’s tip.

Disclose items that are not for sale

One of the biggest surprises, right before closing the sale of a property, is

that the seller removed or left behind items that were not disclosed to the buyer.

Always take time to decide and notify your agent about any specific item that will be included in the sale , in other words, that will be staying in the house for the new buyer's disposal.

On the contrary, always disclose any item or appliance that you are planning to take with you when selling your home., in other words items that will not be transferred to the buyer and are not included in the sale.


Do remove the Bulk trash before the final walk thru.

The final walk thru is usually done right before closing or a day before.

The contract says that at closing the seller must remove all personal belongings AND Trash from the property. The front yard is part of the property and it must be free of trash at the time of closing.

Cecilia La Rosa, Realtor Compass



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