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September 10th ,2022

Are we getting ready to say goodbye to hot summer?

or we are saying goodbye to a hot seller 's market .

In a few months, our local and national markets have been changing right in front of our eyes, as we transitioned into a more buyer's friendly market.

Let' s check some numbers.

If we see current inventory: at 4,178 Houses Active for sale in the entire County of Broward for HOUSES only , and we compare this number to the active number of houses back active for sale in 2019: 6,668 we are not back into Pre pandemic status... but moving forward to it..

August Hot Sheet Statistics

We are still waiting all the August Stats directly from MLS, but I pulled the numbers from my "hot sheet" statistics. Here are my findings.

First What's a hot sheet?

Is a Report that displays recent activity from the MLS system showing new listings, pending sales, cancelled listings, price changes, and sold activity. It gives us real time data.

I took a look at the Hot Sheet Stats for the month of August 2022, for Single family homes only.

I narrowed in on the NEW listing stats , which includes all the NEW listings that entered the MLS between August 1, 2022 through August 31, 2022 in Broward County.

See complete report below

August Market Stats
Download PDF • 897KB

September 2022:

As of September 10th we have a total of 4178 active listings on MLS , this number includes 524 NEW listings during these first 10 days of the month.

What else happened during these first 10 days of September 2022?

327 Houses went Pending / Under Contract

226 Houses Closed:)

and these numbers are changing by the hour!

See Complete report Below

September 10th 2022 STATS
Download PDF • 824KB



Cooper City 09 2022 market analysis
Download PDF • 241KB


Davie Market Analysis 9 2022
Download PDF • 248KB

Hollywood Hills and Hollywood Lakes

Hollywood Hills and Hollywood Lakes Market Analysis 9 2022
Download PDF • 488KB

Boulevard Heights

Market Analysis Boulevard Heights
Download PDF • 263KB

Pembroke Pines:

See complete report below

Pembroke Pines 9 10 -2022 ma
Download PDF • 303KB

Plantation :

Plantation 9 2022 Market Analysis
Download PDF • 255KB

Southwest Ranches

Southwest Ranches Market Analysis
Download PDF • 206KB

Did you know ?

 37% of Broward Residents  are renters.

If you ever have a question, Call me. I will be happy to help.


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