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Why do you hire a realtor to sell you house.


You might hire a realtor based on their knowledge of the market, their database of clients, or their marketing but one important reason is their skill to negotiate on your behalf.

After showing my listings and the buyer showed interested in making an offer, the first question I receive from the buyer's agent is in between these lines:

How motivated is the seller? How negotiable are they? What is the lowest price they would take?

(In a seller's makert the questions are different)

That short, phone conversation might even happen while I am still closing up the curtains, turning off the fans, and texting you, the seller, to either come back home, if you still live in the property we are selling, or sharing my feedback.

As a home seller, you will never be involved in that conversation.

You are not negotiating for yourself, unless you decide to sell by owner.

As a home seller you don't get the opportunity to decide the answers to those question on the phone.

The only thing you decide when you are selling a property is

*The agent who will represent you. ( not even the price, because that is decided by the market)

That is the main reason you need to hire a realtor that is a straight shooter, an agent that you trust,  an agent that will negotiate in your behalf and will protect your investment.

Not only that you trust his track records but that you trust he will put your interest first, above all, no matter what.


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