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Add clarity not confusion.


Do you know the the game of broken telephone?

This diagram reminds me to that game.

This is a diagram of the digital era of communication prepared by an Advertising Agency called Luma:                       


It think:

The greater the confusion or intermediaries from the original intended message, the greater our need for clarity.

When it comes to real estate, there are no universal answers to the question:

"How is the market?"

The state of the market is irrelevant to anyone's set of unique circumstances.

Each situation is unique.

What matters is the state of the market and its impact on your specific situation.

Platforms like YouTube, Google, and ChatGPT are of significant help in many ways, but we still need personalized coaching for the best outcome given our own set of circumstances.

When you decide to sell or not to sell, to buy or not to buy...

What is the foundation of that decision?

What sources of information are you using?

And most importantly, how certain are you that it is the right decision for you and your family?

When thinking of making a move in Broward County, call me. I am happy to help.

Selling your house in Broward County, FL.

Make sure you are not hurting your goal:

click below to receive my free report:

Cecilia La Rosa.



754 273 0265


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