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Final Walk Thru day : Tips for sellers

Before going to the closing table, buyers will perform a last visual inspection of the property. Avoid surprises on this very special day!

Moving is not just a physical process; it is one of the most emotional transitions that mark a new chapert in our lives. As a realtor, I understand the importance of attention to details for sellers as they bid farewell to their beloved homes and for buyers to feel welcomed with open arms. In this video, I share helpful tips to help sellers navigate the final walk-through process with confidence. Typically, the final walk-through is conducted a day before the closing, although in some cases, it may take place on the same significant day. During this overwhelming time, it's easy to overlook simple yet crucial details like ensuring that we have tried ALL the keys for ALL the doors including garage openers and other important codes to access the property.

Here are some helpful tips for a smooth 15 or 20 minutes final Walk-thru before going to the closing table.

1) Take everthing with you. Inspect attic, laundry room and garage.

If you leave items that were not agreed on the contract, it might pose a problem during this special day. This includes exterior furniture, extra appliances ( in working or non- working conditions), larg and small interior furniture even flower pots !

According to the contract "the property has to be free and clear of any personal belongings and trash."

2) Anything attached to the walls should remain attached. Don not take anything that was not disclosed on the contract. Examples includes appliances, built -ins, chandeliers , alarms, cameras and so on.

3) Schedule a bulk pick up, before the final walk thru day. Some buyers clients have order the title company to hold an escrow until the trash is removed from the property. The front yard is part of the property.

4) If sellers has agreed to fix anything before the closing date, conduct a post inspection prior to closing. This is an important part of the process and you want to deliver the property in the best possible condition to avoid surprises and delays.

5) Make sure to try all the keys for each door that you are handing over to the buyer including garage door openers, any codes or important numbers for the buyers.

If you ever have a question, don't hesitate to call me .

I will be happy to help.

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