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From Past to Present: A Closer Look at Broward County's Home Sales

Homes Sales DOWN 22%

What do you feel when you see the above graphic about homes closed year over year?

According to the Florida Realtors Stats

Broward County had 14,438 Closed sales in 2022

Compared to 18,565 in 2021.

Now, let's compared that graphic and those numbers with the graphic below that shows us the last 14 years of homes sold.

Many times when we compare current circumstances to unsual times, it may seem like things are catastrophic... while when we consider the bigger picture we can see that historically, Broward County, FL has averaged around 15,785 home sales.

Interest rates and less inventory lead to less closings

Currently the active inventory for single family homes in Broward County as per mls

is less that 2,700 houses for sale.

SunStats Chart Builder Data Export

Data Source: Florida Realtors Research Department

Geographic Area: Broward County

Metric: Closed Sales

Property Type: Single-Family Homes

Price Tier: All Price Tiers

Sale Type: All Sale Types

Frequency: Annual

Date Closed Sales

2008 8,516

2009 12,640

2010 12,316

2011 12,827

2012 14,109

2013 14,984

2014 15,160

2015 16,874

2016 17,170

2017 15,740

2018 15,639

2019 15,979

2020 16,035

2021 18,565

2022 14,438

Total: 220,992 divided by 14 years =

average # of sales 15,785.


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